I haven't posted much this week because it's been a little tumultuous. Can you have little tumults? Does that work? Montréal actually had a 5.5 tumult on the Richter scale this week... I feel very cheated as I didn't feel a thing.

In two days we're supposed to be moving house. We have a few things ready but no bed, mattress, couch or chairs. So if you like standing around or leaning against walls, come on over. If you have an esky (cooler) or a portable hotplate I can offer coffee or chilled refreshments too.

Here, the majority of leases begin and end on July 1st so getting a last minute truck for our fridge and stove, located just outside of the city, is proving impossible. Well, possible, for several hundred dollars...

So this post is a quickie. I really just wanted to show you this sculpture I walk past every day near the metro. It's Escher meets Montréal and I love it. Lots more soon.. xx


Lin said...

Air mattress? If only we were in the same country, I could lend you all my camping gear and you'd be fine!

Good luck with the move! Can't wait to hear about/see the new place.

tiina said...

Huge luck to you, with everything.

the river said...

Thanks Lin and Tiina!! We bought a mattress today but probably won't get it till Saturday - so three more sleeps till we're in the castle. We'll paint tomorrow and I'll send some pics - can't wait!!