I wanted to pop these up a couple of weeks ago, but I just didn't get to it till now... Two months ago I went to a pretty special place called Bedervale, which I blogged about here, and two weeks ago – or was it three – I got to spend another day there. 

This time it was a right little photography expedition with Jude having organised shoots for a book project. We had in our party another photographer Steve, (whose work I admire very much), two dogs, a Wonderful poet, and several fabulous models who had agreed to cavort nude in the landscape for Jude's images. I had originally planned to stay back at the house and spend a little quiet time within its ornate walls and take some pictures for myself. But the book shoots were so fun and everyone was in such high spirits – running around paddocks and jumping in ponds – who could resist?

 (NB: Thought I'd better ask permission from the models before posting any cavorting pics)

We were joined by another two Canberran friends for lunch who brought with them delectable cheese, bubbly and Belgian beer. I was relieved that Jude and I had packed enough food for eleven, (more luck than good management).

I did take a little time after lunch to explore and take some pictures. Last time I was there I only had eyes for the gardens and Victoria's art and I didn't go inside at all, except to the studio which is a seperate building a five minute walk away. The main house itself has more stories and secrets than I can begin to uncover or tune into in such short visits, let alone to describe in such late, sleepy blog posts. The first two polaroids here might give you a sense of the place and how it feels. There are many doors that I still haven't opened because it's not a place you can rush through. I feel as though I really need to make some work here in this place, but for now, I have these simple pictures of it.

(Victoria, I am definitely coming to stay for a few days sometime!)

(Paloma guarding her quarry)

As fascinating as and beautiful as the place is, it's still the people (yes of course this includes dogs) who make the visits so wonderful and memorable. Can't wait to go back... 


Paloma's quarry

And the great earth, with neither grief nor malice,
Receives the tiny burden of her death.