A year in the life of..

I made this (a little hurriedly) for Fred on Christmas Eve - some of our year in pictures. It was such a big year that this is just a tiny fraction of it, and in random order, but I think he liked it anyway.


This Christmas, a snapshot

From top left: Fairy lights and rummikub; catalogue poses and more catalogue poses; darling Grandma Dorothée; Fred with his polaroid gifts; I think they liked it!; She who has no idea what's in there; What was in there; Frédéric.

I hope you all had a beautiful time celebrating family and friends, good wine and good food. I had a wonderful white Christmas with new family and far away family, and the thoughts of those who were painfully absent this year.

I felt very blessed indeed. 
And if I may say so, I was ridiculously proud of my Christmas dinner!!


"Winter for Greer's blog"

Karine made me a video today as she walked across the Viaduc... and I love the music!! Merci K, je t'aime!!


Figures in the snow

Fred took these pictures with the pinhole. I can't wait to capture my first winter here on film. Tonight there will be an eclipse resulting in a blood moon - a beautiful winter solstice! Perhaps that explains the strange mood and sleeping patterns we've been in....

I'll take my camera out into the forest sometime after midnight...

This last picture looks like fun - in truth I was absolutely freezing and hadn't dressed for snow up to my knickers! Fred found it highly amusing...



I want this. 
Having seen the pricetag, I won't be having it.
Still, I love this. A felt sheep, with a warm glowing belly light.

They also make the most beautiful felt balls that look exactly like riverstones until you pick them up and the (complete lack of) weight surprises you.. and you can see the other lamps they had further along the wall.. but no moose. That would have been the clincher.


Paper wishes

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 For everyone I'm thinking of...
(inspired by something I saw here.. executed far more beautifully but surely no more lovingly)


Two years ago today..

My little sister had her first child. I watched my nephew, and now godson, make his grand entrance into the world. Today I re-read what I wrote for him on his first birthday and naming day one year ago, and then at his first moments, caught on my camera one year earlier.. 

I miss him but skype makes that easier...

My tummy is rumbling...

tomorrow will be a baking day.