A busy Saturday..

It's been a while so I thought it time for some pics! On Saturday morning I dropped te hound dog off at the RSPCA so his aunties could have a good catch-up and I could have a quick dash down the coast for the opening of an exhibition of South Coast photographers, a birthday party at Braidwood and most importantly - a few minutes standing on sand, in the sea. It's been about 18 months since I last got to the beach.

We got to Braidwood in the late afternoon, just in time to see the 4 wk old puppies (see below) and for me to see some of Victoria, the birthday girl's incredible artwork in situ in the gardens of the historic Bedervale, where she lives and works.

Jude (below) with Paloma, proud mother of a litter of ten wriggling, wormy little babes. I fell in love with Paloma in all of maybe, five seconds. We drank wine and ate Arabian Love Cake under a sky full of stars while a fire kept us warm. I met some really lovely people, many of them established artists whose work I look forward to seeing. I felt very lucky to be in such good company.

 These last few pics, including the postboxes and the wonderful shadows in Bodalla, were taken with my new phone. New phone! Puppies! Sculptural installations in beds of forget-me-nots! What a beautiful week it's been....


Nothing less than perfect.

Last week I took two rolls of film in for developing. One roll included the pics from my last post and the other was from my little wooden pinhole camera. I've had some brilliant results from this camera and I've had some disastrous ones. But all were interesting to me.

When I went in to collect the prints the man there handed me one envelope and one set of negs. He had deemed the other fit for the garbage. I asked him where the pinhole roll was and he told me they were blurry and horrible. Nothing good there, he said. I had to go behind the counter where a girl reluctantly scanned the negatives and confirm that yes, I wanted all of them printed. They both looked bemused..

This last one I adore. It's a ship. A ship in night waters for Fred...


Lead pencil on paper

Last night I was given my very first piece of artwork by my nephew, Emmy. Forgive me please, for being ridiculously proud and unbelievable smitten with him...