Lead pencil on paper

Last night I was given my very first piece of artwork by my nephew, Emmy. Forgive me please, for being ridiculously proud and unbelievable smitten with him...

And you were all yellow..


The before pictures

I've been trying to figure out how to turn this into....something beautiful.

Note: tv rests on a wooden bathmat...  
Stay tuned for the after pics.


A day at the museum

Just thought I'd pop up the pics I took with my phone when we were at the Brooklyn Museum last month... I took them as a memory trigger and because I was excited at the fact that I was allowed to; normally I run around with notebook and pencil and look things up online later. 


 I was amazed by the light in these two paintings, they just glowed.

 These two sisters were just beautiful..

My endless search for moose!

Brooklyn has a thing with owls and nobody was able to explain it to us. In fact, not one local knew why there were owls everywhere and most hadn't even noticed. Karine and I noticed it on the first morning - so many shops featured owl jewellery and Tshirts, and in the vintage stores there were whole cabinets of owls; owl figurines, ashtrays, stuffed toys, mobiles. When we got to the Art Library we saw that their logo was an owl. I asked him why, what it means, why it was significant and he looked befuddled and he shrugged. 

There's a storage section of the museum with all sorts of things stacked behind glass. I have a thing for chairs...

This was interesting to me as although I'm a big fan of Rothko's abstract panels, I haven't seen much of his early work. Subway, 1939.

Oh Georgia... The picture above is a small piece of a larger painting. I stood there, quite moved, studying her intricate brushtrokes...

My snapshot doesn't show it clearly, but these gloves were absolutely tiny! Whose delicate hands could they have been made for? I felt like a clumsy giant just looking at them.

Judging from the beds though, people were a little more petite back then..

Graciela Iturbide has stolen my heart. 

Her photographs sing. And whisper. And shine.


Missing my hairies...

I'm missing my boys right now...

And it's been really strange coming back to the same house I was in before, but with my girl no longer here with me. It's just over one year since she died and there are constant reminders in this place. But I'm determined to enjoy those memories, even if they still bring tears. I miss her fiercely and achingly..

I've been lucky though to have a daily visit from my next door neighbor, Bentley. I know I can't adopt any four-leggeds right now, with plans to leave again in the near future. But I'm hoping to foster dogs or perhaps even sign up for the Guide dog's first 6 mths puppy raising program. That's if I think I can live permanently in the house-training/chewing everything period!