Yesterday, Karine

We walked through the alleyways of the Plateau, taking pictures all afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a birthday.....


Perpetual motion

Québec from a fast moving car and a slow moving chairlift..

Breakfast at Lac Rouge

Fred cooking Sher's 'Satis Favourite' and doing her proud. (Aside from the bacon....)



le Lac Rouge.

stealing from objects, movements and others. 3 days, 2 nights, 1 catfish, a few hours of good sleep,

and just enough sweet madness to survive or escape from everything.

sixteen minutes past five in the myst.
(i even stole from myself, sometimes)



We took these especially for Ella.



I spent a day in the mountains on Saturday.
What isn't made better by a day in the mountains...?


Skinny things

I was shopping a few days ago in an unfamiliar supermarket. I went to get kitchen paper and turned to find a wall of pet food/toys/accessories etc. Right in front of me, at eye level, were the same rawhides that Meisje loved. Skinny things - uncoloured, unflavoured - chewsticks that had been taken off the market in Australia for some reason, replaced by soft red and green coloured sticks.

My hand reached out to grab a packet, instinctively. Then curled to a tight fist and retreated as I remembered, she's no longer with me. But again, a split second later, I reached out thinking I'll just post them to Mum and she can give them to my girl. And again... withdrew my hand quickly as the second, more concrete remembering came to me. She's no longer anywhere. Meisje is no longer...

It's hard to stand, frozen in a busy supermarket, trying to swallow, blinking wildly to keep your eyes dry, your legs uncooperative and stubborn.

I keep hoping these moments will become fewer and fewer....