Karine and I both bought the same type of toy camera.
This film has visited both of them..

And two seasons,
in two hemispheres.


Spring makes way for summer..

 Spring 2012. Big changes. Small changes. Nothing changes. 

I went to hospital for the beginning of someone's life and for the end of someone else's. 

 I made some pictures outside my house...

 And inside my house...

I spent some time with my goddaughters: Ella cooked me dinner while Narni wore a rabbit mask and played with Mum's new dog... 

And Jade had a baby boy that I found it hard to give back to her.

 The weather warmed up....

And we had an end of year party.

I got a kitten who I can't name,

and I painted a dog I don't need to name,

and I tried painting with milk... (this is a library).

These are Spring's snapshots. The most important things that happened, or failed to happen, I couldn't photograph and I can't yet talk or write about.