faute avouée, à moitiée pardonnée

elle me l'a dit

les sentiers sont en feux

- de tout les paysages que j'ai fabriqués, aucun ne peux vraiment dire, si je suis ailleurs.
et si c'était me souvenir que je voulais vraiment, je prendrais pas la peine d'en faire un objet.


the wedding party

and swans..
more pics to come.
possibly with an explanation.
(and possibly not)


if you build it....

sandcastles on the beach at mimosa. empires and great walls... momentary monuments..



fare thee well

this is us putting up our show almost three months ago. it doesn't show the main wall, a joint story wall of both our work together. I'm going to try to get some footage of that tomorrow as we take it all down..


différentes façons de parler.
la lumière, c'est toujours la même.

"je ne vois pas le mot FIN sur le clavier de ma machine"
Pierre Peuchmaurd.


little tetraptychs of joy

things that make me go ...aahh

and little diptychs of happiness..

I finally popped some film into my action sampler with all its plastic goodness. and yesterday picked up the first roll that fred and I have from the yashica mat 120. next is the $7.99 underwater camera and finally, the first roll from the beautiful camera I was given as a gift a year or more ago, and hadn't taken out of the case.

shame... and joy.



yesterday dust came over the city and
swallowed everything.


This is why and how,

changes in the physical environment may produce a sharp boundary



entre deux langages.



all night the wind howled and raged and
beat against my window like an angry child