Ness - the polaroids

The next few posts will be pics from a beautiful weekend away I enjoyed earlier in May. There were around ten of us and we were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to stay at Ness, the coastal home of Manning Clark, which is a few hundred acres on the far south coast. The house itself is gorgeous - simple and cosy and right on the headland.

Among us were poets and writers, painters and sculptors and of course, photographers. I had planned to use the time to start work on a new series to be exhibited in September, but the company was too warm to take much quiet time, the place too beautiful not to snap endlessly and aimlessly, and the food and wine too intoxicating to be terribly focused. Next time it'll be heads down, bums up - masterpieces galore. Maybe...

I'll start with the polaroids. Please excuse the dust.


On the third night..

So I went to her the next night all a-merried up with wine
And I asked her for her long blue hand, for to hold hers there in mine.



The Japanese Maple outside my mother's window.