I'm starting from here, now and working backwards.

I feel as though I've travelled back in time. I've moved back into the old flat, which has my furniture but none of my things in it. Bookshelves with no books, empty walls, the rugs rolled up and stored away. There's no trace of Fred here so it's like it was before, sort of. But my dog isn't here. 

It's a distant, alien familiarity and everything's a little strange..


a roark summer

My wonderful friend Meredith is having a show from June 3 to July 31 at the Tweed River Art Gallery in Murwillumbah, so if you're anywhere around that part of the country, pop in and see her work..


Front doors and hallways

I'm back in Australia after a wonderful few days in NYC. I have so much to show and tell that I don't know where to start. But I'll start somewhere, and soon.



It's Friday evening and I've opted out of drinks with friends in order to have some quiet time. I'm dismantling my favourite space; taking pictures down from the walls, clearing books from shelves and ornaments from the window sills. I have boxed up my paints and my collage things. I've put my favourite books on to the dining table but I can't decide which is the 'leave here' pile and which is the 'pack in the suitcase' pile. I'm split down the middle and next week is a pile of farewells and question marks. I've been welling up all afternoon. At least I get to play in Brooklyn for a few days in between the tearing down and the rebuilding.

I have some thoughts about leaving this beautiful city but I'll wait till I have my films developed, that way I can show you what I'll miss. What I'm starting to miss already. And who. 

But here, apropo of nothing, are some collages I made yesterday in Karine's studio. They're not much but they did involve the breaking down of one form and the creation of a new one. And that's a start.


Off to the Lake... finally!

 Finally we're off to the lake - Le Lac Rouge - for a weekend. I've been wanting to get back since last summer when we had a few gorgeous days in the sunshine there. Fred posted some of his pictures here and I blogged about breakfast that weekend - which is typical as food is almost always on my mind!

From my facebook page:

This time I'm taking sketchbooks, colour film and a good deal of vodka. Have a great weekend everyone!