I'm starting from here, now and working backwards.

I feel as though I've travelled back in time. I've moved back into the old flat, which has my furniture but none of my things in it. Bookshelves with no books, empty walls, the rugs rolled up and stored away. There's no trace of Fred here so it's like it was before, sort of. But my dog isn't here. 

It's a distant, alien familiarity and everything's a little strange..


Hsien-ku said...

oh Gree, you're going to be ok. Life will return to the flat in time, the shock will begin to lessen. and Fred isn't gone, it's just temporary, a hiccup. try to breathe in those bigger spaces while you have them. nothing lasts for long, at least not in the same form. thinking of you and blowing you a big kiss over the ocean. will make you a cup of tea in a few weeks. xxxxx

the river said...

I look forward to it. And I know, I will be, it will be, he is and we shall. It's just a surreal sort of state to be in right now. I'm quite enjoying setting the flat up again.. my little house in the time warp!

Franka said...

It will be a lovely, heartwarming home!


the river said...

I hope so! Thanks Franka..

Judith said...

Just recently discovered the beautiful space you have here.
Wishing you everything wonderful back here in Australia.

the river said...

Thank you so much Jude.. I'm carrying all these wonderful wishes around with me.