No sleep till....


I have so much show and tell from the few days we spent around Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I'm going to split them into separate posts. I have to start with the loft where we stayed, which belongs to the fabulous and gorgeous Zam. I am coming back to photograph you one day Zam! 

It used to be a garment factory I think and is absolutely oozing character. We arrived much later than expected and Zam had been unable to wait for us, so we walked in out of the rainy night, pretty tired and anxious that everything be as planned and as hoped for. 

The building itself was cool. Beautiful old floorboards just off the stairwells on each floor. There's a big manual freight elevator but neither of us had a clue how to use it so we lugged all the heavy bags up to the fourth floor, found the keys and opened the door.

Then we did a little happy dance.

It was dark out but Zam had left lamps on for us and it seemed so welcoming. I'll tell more about that first evening soon (including our mad taxi driver and the incredible pizza) but suffice to say, we two exhausted little chickens slept like logs.

When I woke, Karine had slipped out to find some coffee and bagels. I stepped off the couch and caught something on the floor that gave me a shock; there were all these words on the floor; man... souls... thou... thine... and in my morning sleepiness I thought they were actually carved into the boards. Now, I'm not the least bit religious and the fact that the Rapture was due in a couple of days did little more than amuse me - but this scared the bejesus out of me!

On closer inspection, I saw that the text was painted on and not carved, which made it seem so much less sinister! Zam filled me in the other day:
the poetry etched into my floors....a poet used to live here. he was italian, that much i know. it's a rather spiritual situation - thank god! could've been some demented nonsense but, it's nice and warm. 

i think it's probably been maybe 15 years since its been like that.

Inside were big windows, unshaded or blinded and the sun poured in every morning, spilling across the floors. Some of our trip was overcast, even rainy weather but the light inside remained pretty amazing. I thought the views from each window were great but I hadn't yet climbed up the last of the stairs to the roof...

But when I did... oh!


Here's a small video of us enjoying the rooftop space. It's silly (and you'll see how Karine teases me) but I can't help it... I twirl when I'm happy.

And I'll leave you with the last few pics from the BW roll. Stories soon! xx

ps. If it seems like a big plug for Zam's loft - it is!! If you'd like to stay there, you'll find her here. Tell her I said Hi...


MANDY said...

OH MY GOD .... my idea of heaven !!!
Now I have to go and absorb these photos more XXX

Anne said...

WOW! Such a gorgeous place! And that view! I can imagine your happiness :-) Lovely Brooklyn pics, can't wait to see more of them!

Patusibu said...

I love your photos!!!! Would I post this house in my blog tomorrow? Have a lovely day!!!

Franka said...

How lovely!

annie stephens said...

a ballet above brooklyn! i love this video!

and these photos... !

oh my heart, that loft. it must pitter patter with all the many spirited feet of the artists that walked its floors before. it looks so alive and full and inspiring! and now you and karine are part of its rich history!

wow, wow, wow!

Hsien-ku said...

oh those floors! those floors! OMG! I want poems on my floors too! I'm so gunna do that!!!! how amazing!

dee said... had me rushing off to look at Zam's link and then look at more links of other places around the globe and then dream of my next holiday and then feel inclined to twirl around my living-room. beautiful.

the river said...

Oh I'm so happy you all like the pics and the place - but then, how could you not like the place? Or happy-twirling for that matter..

It was my first experience with them but I would definitely recommend airbnb.. and of course Zam's if you're staying in Brooklyn.

Just bear in mind, if you're wanting to reblog these pics, that this is her home and it wasn't her who shared them, it was me. Maybe just leave us a link here so she knows where she's been blogged? (Mandy yes I already gave my blessing)

Annie I love the way you put that, that we are now part of its history! How gorgeous... xx

Judith said...

Amazing place...and your 'twirling on the roof top'dress is just gorgeous!
Jude x

Brittany H. said...

Your pictures are always so full of life Greer. My gosh, can I ask what you are shooting with?

This vacation looks so nice. Seeing NYC in its' whole from a rooftoop is humbling. It makes me feel weird in the pit of my stomach for some reason.

Be safe in your travels!
You Are My Favorite

the river said...

Thanks Judith - I bought that dress there in Brooklyn so extra twirls for that!

Brittany that's a lovely compliment - thank you! I use my 35mm canon most often but also holga, pinhole, my phone and sometimes a canon digital. Film was so much cheaper in montréal though, it's going to be a more expensive endeavour here..

And yes, that roof...

J Taylor Paravantes said...

Wow, wow, wow ~ what a loft, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!