A day at the museum

Just thought I'd pop up the pics I took with my phone when we were at the Brooklyn Museum last month... I took them as a memory trigger and because I was excited at the fact that I was allowed to; normally I run around with notebook and pencil and look things up online later. 


 I was amazed by the light in these two paintings, they just glowed.

 These two sisters were just beautiful..

My endless search for moose!

Brooklyn has a thing with owls and nobody was able to explain it to us. In fact, not one local knew why there were owls everywhere and most hadn't even noticed. Karine and I noticed it on the first morning - so many shops featured owl jewellery and Tshirts, and in the vintage stores there were whole cabinets of owls; owl figurines, ashtrays, stuffed toys, mobiles. When we got to the Art Library we saw that their logo was an owl. I asked him why, what it means, why it was significant and he looked befuddled and he shrugged. 

There's a storage section of the museum with all sorts of things stacked behind glass. I have a thing for chairs...

This was interesting to me as although I'm a big fan of Rothko's abstract panels, I haven't seen much of his early work. Subway, 1939.

Oh Georgia... The picture above is a small piece of a larger painting. I stood there, quite moved, studying her intricate brushtrokes...

My snapshot doesn't show it clearly, but these gloves were absolutely tiny! Whose delicate hands could they have been made for? I felt like a clumsy giant just looking at them.

Judging from the beds though, people were a little more petite back then..

Graciela Iturbide has stolen my heart. 

Her photographs sing. And whisper. And shine.


Hsien-ku said...

that's a damned fine Moose!

karine leger said...

wouiiiiihoo ! long arms ! haha !!! : )

great post greer !

MANDY said...

Heaven .... and how about the owls ? Funny how no one really knew anything ... I'm with you on the chairs, I've always had a thing for them.

the river said...

All moose are damned fine Judith!
K you are so gorgeously long-limbed...
Mandy - strange huh? It would be a bit like New Yorkers saying, "What apple?"