This Christmas, a snapshot

From top left: Fairy lights and rummikub; catalogue poses and more catalogue poses; darling Grandma Dorothée; Fred with his polaroid gifts; I think they liked it!; She who has no idea what's in there; What was in there; Frédéric.

I hope you all had a beautiful time celebrating family and friends, good wine and good food. I had a wonderful white Christmas with new family and far away family, and the thoughts of those who were painfully absent this year.

I felt very blessed indeed. 
And if I may say so, I was ridiculously proud of my Christmas dinner!!


karine leger said...

haaaaa !!!! i'm so happy gave you a Wing art work ! (i knew about it ! hehe : )

your house is beautiful !

what a smile ; )))

the river said...

Well you can guess how happy I was when I unwrapped it... and I had no clue! The house was full of warmth and light and felt a bit like Christmas in the end... yay :))