Observations about Montréal

#4: Most things are written in French with an English translation beside or below. But massive warning signs that let you know you can't park/walk/be here are often in French alone. Which makes me think I should learn certain things soon, like "beware!" or "watch out!" or "trespassers will be shot!".

I've also noticed that when the metro stops or is held up, the announcement is only in French. I wear a sort of bewildered look on my face much of the time.


annie stephens said...


(yes, yes, yes.)

i have noticed this as well (see: metro announcements)! it is always a little nerve wracking when you are seated there, after some dastardly and unexplained mishap has befallen the train and all you can do is sit there blinking wildly at the strangers sitting around you. "huuuuuuuh?" i always try to gauge the reactions of my neighbors to the announcement.

i think we should also learn "fire!" and "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES."

you know. just in case!

the river said...

Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one! The other day a man walked up to me and yelled Quois?? in my ear. He then (apparently) said I was a lion. Who knew?

Ok, here we go: Feu!! Cour!! And just in case you ever need it, Embarque dans le char!!

Anonymous said...

haha !!