Obversations about Montréal

#1: People with dogs don't smile back at me when I smile at them. But I refuse to become an unsmiler. I will look people in the eye and in the dog and smile at them. (I'm happy to note that the dogs usually smile back).

#2: There are hardly any seats at all in metro stations.

#3: Squeaky cheese makes people happy.


annie stephens said...

it is all true! particularly about the squeaky cheese. squeak, squeak, yum, yum.

Anonymous said...

haha !! quelle observatrice ! : ))

don't worry, i'm sure some people will smile back... it just depends on wich neighborhood your in, and you'll get more smiles during the week-end ! : ))

no2 is really true. Even at 7 am!

hope you will still love montréal : )


the river said...

Oh how could I not ?!
Especially with you two here...xx

Lin said...

You'll have to look for dog owners eating squeaky cheese then.

the river said...

It's so simple - why did I not think of that??