Lying low

I know, it's been a long time between posts.
So I'll start with some pictures for you to look at while I try to find my words..

We begin with storms..
32 steps from my front door to my front front door. Mirou, settling.. Colourful MontréalOn Mont Royal.. This is the Marché Jean Talon. I could spend days here, exploring.. And end with storms..


annie stephens said...

your beautiful smiling faces!

if i didn't already live here you would make me want to. i love this entry.

the Marché Jean Talon, is that every saturday (or every day, or)? what i'm saying is, i should meet up with you there one day. yes.

the river said...

Annie I miss you!

Jean Talon is open every day I think, but there's one between your place & mine that I've been wanting to check out, Marché Maisonneuve.

And I'm still hoping you'll come visit me when you have some time off...