A tiny little bit of my history - Pt. 2

My grandmother waving her hankie to the ship. I'm not sure if it was a send-off or a welcome, but I love this picture..

My mother with my grandparents

More of Mum - I love her with this haircut..

No caption required here, right?

I think this was a birthday celebrated on the ship where she met my father..

I really was a cranky looking baby. Apparently I was the first of the bunch (Mum's close circle of girlfriends) so nobody had much experience and it took a long time for them to realise that I was lactose intolerant.. It can't have been easy.

This was the first little house Mum owned. Cute and colourful in Chifley.

Yes. Excited by an iron. Thrilled to bits even. How things change!

I had to include this one. My stepfather couldn't be more seventies!

This was my neighbor, Andrew West I believe. We played Abba in the backyard and believed we were Swedish megastars. 

It's always fun until someone loses their entire lower body.... 

And then there was a baby sister. Cass was the cutest child you've ever seen. I would post so many of my favourite pics of her here but I fear she wouldn't forgive me. Cass hardly wore any clothes until the age of four and I used to love showing pics of her wearing nothing but a string of pearls and a pair of knee-high boots but she was less than impressed! Maybe now that she has her own 2 yr old....... 


MANDY said...

How cool is your mum !!!
I love the one with you as a baby, very Jackie O .... and your little sis, love the pearls and knee high boot description !!!
Oh and more wallpaper, Yeh !!!

Lin said...

My faves are the scared bride and the cranky baby ones!

And you look supercute in the bottom left one with Cass.

And also love your mum's short hair. And only in the 60s and 70s could smoking women look that cool!

Lin said...

Just visited again and... your mum's smile in the birthday one is so utterly gorgeous! And the one of your grandmother could've come straight out of some 50s magazine!

If Jane said...

oh what amazing photos!!!!! i love your mum,s haircut as well!!!

the river said...

Thanks to all of you three - I just love looking at old pictures... I'll have to pass your compliments on to Mum too, bet she'll be pleased!

saphael said...

I love how your Grandma looks a lot like you through a lens of your mum and shes such a star like you two