Birthday blessings

I celebrated a milestone birthday on Wednesday and after a delicious dinner with Karine and Jérémie, I was sat down in front of the tv and presented with a video of birthday messages from near and afar - mostly afar - that had me laughing and crying simultaneously. 

I've been asked to show the video but I've chopped a good deal out of it for this showing; some things are really personal and I know those friends would hate to be aired publicly, and some messages were just too long to play in full or too full of private jokes that would require too much explaining. All of it meant the world to me.

So here are some snippets of a gift that moved me more than I can possibly say. To everyone who was involved, I love you and I can't wait to see you. There could well be tears. There will be bear-hugging.


ps. I got two videos sent from Berlin and couldn't edit either of them. There must be something in the water there... whatever it is, I love it!


MANDY said...

Greer that is so great ... what a gorgeous bunch of friends you have ... now can we talk about the gorgeous blond girl who said she can't wait to have a drink at that table with you ... I am in love with that room and that table !!!

Hsien-ku said...

oh my god - I totally love that fish . . . you are such a lucky girl to be so very loved by so many people. that's amazing!

Anne said...

Happy belated anniversary! Thanks for sharing a bit of your video, such a lovely gift!!

annie stephens said...

oh greer, i'm completely bowled over. i felt the tears welling up in -my- eyes watching this! every message is so intensely unique and genuine and loving. these messages say as much about how wonderful you are, lovely greer, as they do your gorgeous friends.

(i'm so happy i could be a small part of this! thank you karine!!!!)

you are a bright and beautiful shining light, dearest greer.

mad, mad love to you! xx.

Lin said...

That's great. (And I'm sorry ours was so boring now!)

Brittany H. said...

Greer, you've got a great bunch of friends. Happy happy birthday!

Hugs and kisses,

the river said...

I'm a pretty lucky little chicken aren't I?

Mandy - that's my oldest friend there and she'd kill me for posting even that tiny snippet of her but I had to. It was her message that had me in tears.... And yes - the house is pretty fabulous, up in Mullumbimby.

Jude I have had Ronnie James in my head ever since Wednesday! And I think I dreamt of sock puppets too...

Anne I'm happy that you enjoyed :)

Annie I can say right back at you, tenfold! xx

Lin I was only sad that it was so short because I miss you both. And Luna!

Brittany I do - and thank you! xx

The B.E.T. said...

Catching up on all my blogs today and came across your birthday video. How sweet! That song at the end is hilarious! Belated birthday wishes!

the river said...

Thank you B.E.T. ! The song is priceless isn't it... it's going to take over the world.

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

This is gorgeous!