Free accommodation for creative types!?

Oh how I wish this place was in New York...! (I've been hunting for somewhere to stay there and it's tough on a small budget!)

An overnight at Creators Inn offers all the standard features and comfort associated with a modern hotel but the crucial difference is that you as a guest do not have to pay anything. It's totally free. No hidden fees. The aim with Creators Inn is to promote the local area and give something back to travelling creators whose presence contributes to a more interesting city, whether they are in a band, DJ, designer, artist, writer etc.

I think the Swedes are onto something good here - there's also LAT:
LAT offers a free guest room & work space for visiting creators in Gothenburg. Creative collective LAT has built their own version of a joint work/living space at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. The space contains 4 small sleeping quarters, a big collective workspace, kitchen & dining area, a music studio and an equipped work shop in the basement. 

Besides that you get the usual Creators Inn benefits such as clean sheets, bathrobe, slippers, free wifi and consumables.


Lin said...

How do they manage this though, I wonder? I mean, how do they prevent some homeless drunk claiming a bed because he can burp Waltzing Matilda? So to speak.

MANDY said...

That's so great, wouldn't you love to run something like that, you would get to meet some amazing folk ... So happy to hear you are going to Brooklyn (lucky ducky) !!!

MANDY said...

Just had more of a look at the spaces, how great are they !!!

the river said...

Oh I would love to run something like this! I've often dreamed of running some sort of art-related B&B or having a property somewhere with small studios... Never say never!

Lin - you mean you don't think melodic burping has merit? Not sure how they screen people.. I'm guessing there's an application process where you talk about/show your work.. (your burps)

the river said...

And Mandy yes! I love the shelves above the table and that chair in the 2nd last pic..

Brittany H. said...

This is absolutely awesome, but I have to ask, how do they keep the doors open?? Have you tried for places to stay in NYC? I have friends who have found cheap places (like $50/night) by using that site.

Have a fantastic weekend!

the river said...

I found airbnb last week and it's a fantastic site! We've been seduced by a loft faaar above the budget though... oops! It's too photogenic to resist though. Hope you're enjoying your weekend Brittany xx