With me..

When I was lying in the tent I felt the mattress in the corner move, depress slightly, as though someone had climbed up. But Fred was asleep on the other side of me and then I 'saw' so clearly, in the pitch black, Meisje climb up quietly, do a little half turn and lie down. Being with me, quietly. It was the first time I thought of her like that, without tears. Of course, they're flowing now as I write it.


annie stephens said...

i want to believe the ones that we love are never far from us, even after passing. they give us little signs, i think.

you can see in her eyes the beautiful spirit she possessed. something that vibrant couldn't possibly just disappear.

je t'aime, dearest greer.

Lin said...

Aww, she's such a cutie!

And so are you. Hugs.

(Just a silly aside: my word verification is 'combi'!)

the river said...

Toi aussi Annie. I miss your face and need a catch-up soon x

And hugs to you too Lin, I miss your face too. And love the word verifications - always so apt in their way :) xx