de l'île aux Amours

The l'île aux Amours is in Le Bic national park in Québec, about 6 hours NE of Montréal. The morning we were there, the fog had enshrouded the island so fully that we were walking into white, with only some rocks and the birds' reflection on the water visible beyond the shore.

I took these shots on karine's little konika using expired film, fully aware that the magic around me may well be captured only by the eye and the moment.

But these have a magic of their own I think...

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frédéricarthur.c said...

i did a google search to see
more of the last picture i upload on flickr (oh...i mean the Iphone app, used to be called flickr !!!)

and the first picture that attract my eyes
was yours, two with me on it.....

life is strange,
life is like those pictures.
fainted colors, hallow silhouette
and beautiful when you get across
the mist.

bonne nuit greer