Look at this. This makes my heart beat faster. 
I have taken this picture so many times in my mind - but in reality,
I never had the guts to take it. Come on. It's cold in the snow.
If I had tried, it would never have been as magic as this.
Look at this! 
I'm gushing.

I found it here:


frédéricarthur.c said...

it burns

Leslie Avon Miller said...

In the mind's eye...

MANDY said...

It really is amazing !!!

the river said...

It does burn.

You know I linked to this on facebook but not too many of my friends found it beautiful... more uncomfortable and disturbing with too much cold and dislocated shoulder-blades.

Everything I love in a picture.

Dar said...

It looks warm & peaceful to me, his melting a small den at the base of a tree with his body heat. Think like a bear, & sleep. I love such inconsistencies & incongruities. Magic, indeed.

Geoff said...

Beautiful and powerful in a totally understated way.

You know, if this were up on a wall with a series of other pictures and I had to choose which ones were yours ... this is one I would have chosen.