A Love Letter From A Stray Moon

I am Frida, and I am not Frida. I am the moon, hollowed out by remorse. I am many women, I answer to many names. My prayer is from the forests of Mexico, from the molten heart of the earth. Fly closer, fly nearer to me.

I glimpsed Diego first when I was just a kid, long before the accident. He was painting The Creation, and I saw him as a man unbowed by any god for he knew he was man the creator. I saw coasts in him, volcanoes and forests, a geography of mind painted in all time, from the long pre-Columbian verde of forest-mind in its thousands of generations before the peculiar regency of history. And that is the time in which I write now, to plead in those longest cycles of time, for now as I write this, my love letter from the moon to man, I am using my heart as a palette and painting in my own blood.

The text above is from A Love Letter From A Stray Moon by Jay Griffiths. It's an intriguing autobiography - in that it's not an autobiography - but written as one. A fictionalised portrait, written as though Frida herself wrote it. I just listened to an interview with the author on Late Night Live: mp3 is here if you want to listen too.

I can't wait to get my hands on this book....


N.B said...

Really great blog :)

see you soon

MANDY said...

Oh my, I can't wait either, thanks for the tip off .... hope you are well lovely girl, did you get the Brooklyn pad ?

the river said...

Thanks N.B!

Mandy I am well - but flooded with work (which is wonderful!) so I've been a little quiet lately... Hope all is well with you too. We did get the loft! I'm so excited. I want to post pics already but the superstitious side of me says "wait, make sure". So stay tuned! xx

Brittany H. said...

"I saw coasts in him, volcanoes and forests,"- What a beautiful way to describe someone. I wish I were this good with words.

Hugs and kisses,

the river said...

Brittany, oh I know... I wish I was too...! Happily we can appreciate can read what others write though.. xx