A small conversation

Well, we did it. We're up on a wall. Perhaps not a fancypants gallery wall (yet) but a very nice one nonetheless. 

There's an inevitable sense of anticlimax after something you've looked forward to for so long – but that shouldn't necessarily detract from the event. And it doesn't. We had a great time and both of us – myself and Karine – are very proud of our little exhibition. The two of us have talked about having a joint show since we first met and I was so happy to finally have this come to fruition.

We called it A small conversation, which seemed appropriate to us on several levels: the connection that we share as both friends, collaborators and partners in crime; our individual relationships with our environment and the natural world in general; a very personal inner dialogue that art can often be the sole communicator of.

(I have to add right now that this is not an artist's statement that we prepared earlier –  I'm writing this off the top of my head with little or no editing, so please read it with that in mind!)

We didn't have an official opening or vernissage as the French would say. Instead, we invited people to join us in a small celebration of our work, a friendly meal and a few drinks. It was so good to enjoy this in the company of family, old friends, and new acquaintances. Highlights included Karine's elderly grandmother ordering a 'sex on the beach' with a twinkle in her eye, and my long conversation with her equally elderly and incredibly special grandfather, who forgot that I don't speak his language. Sometimes it just doesn't matter.

I was a little sad to discover that I only had a few shots left on my camera and no extra rolls of film. But I filmed a bit with my phone camera later in the evening and have thrown this in with the few pictures I took, plus some from Annie and Lucie, (thanks girls!) into a delicious mélange of Le Barbare and us and Foux du Fa Fa from Flight of the Conchords. Enjoy! 

And please, if you're in or near Montréal, pop into 'Le Barbare', 4670 Rue St-Denis and have a look at our work. We'd love to know what you think. 


ps the camera was recording on the 'night' setting which might explain the blur and general trippy vibe...


karine leger said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful !!!!

i am so happy we did this !!! : ))))

Manuela said...

It looks absolutely amazing. I love both of your works.

MANDY said...

Oh well done you, what a great venue and a great night by the looks of it, you both look so beautiful and happy ... wish I could have a proper look, and I love the grandparents ... too cute !!!
Oh and I love the "trippy" vibe of the film !!!

Hsien-ku said...

oh wow! congratulations to you both! the old window framing solution looks fantastic! you both look radiant in the video - what a triumph! I'd pop by but the U-Bahn doesn't go as far as Montreal. Tell that bad daughter of mine to visit.

the river said...

Karine - moi aussi. xx

Thanks so much Manuela, Mandy, Jude! Yes we were pretty happy with it. I love that my old windows and Karine's gorgeous framing were so different and yet still looked good together. What a shame you're all so far away..