I just saw this here and had to share the joy myself - I adore this. I feel as though I'm teleporting out of control, never knowing where I'll be when I open my eyes.

Somewhere between a home-video mixtape and a postmodern travelogue, "oops"—a ten-minute art video composed entirely of appropriated YouTube videos, seamlessly stitched together via a motif of camera drops—serves both as transportative adventure and metaphorical elucidation of YouTube itself (i.e. endless related videos), exemplifying the Internet's infinite repository of "throwaway" social documentation. From suburbia to subterranea, the radically shuffling environs induce a vertiginous yet aesthetically contextual thread—a transcendent, reincarnating POV; our omnipresent Camera—by which, the nature of the ultra-verité videos, eschewing any filmic grounding, plunges the viewer into a relationship of fleeting immediacy w/ its many videographers: a self-portrait at arms length, the digital blur of an obscuring thumb, a disembodied narrating voice. This abstractly voyeuristic portrayal of an ever-filming generation (who won't let the transcendence of being in A Moment inhibit their document-everything impulse) presages a future where every instant of our existence, from the mundane to the sublime, is preserved and catalogued for all to see.

"oops" || appropriated digital video || 2009 || concept by Billy Rennekamp


A winner of the 2010 Vimeo Awards!​awards/​about
Official Selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival!​sundance2011


karine leger said...

!!!! wow !! that was amazing !!!

that part with the plane going inside the appartment is scary !!!!

the river said...

I know - I wasn't sure what I was seeing for a second there!