Les Héritiers

Ok these are not the best pictures, (the blurry, yellow ones taken in the restaurant tonight by an exhausted and slightly innebriated artist), but I couldn't wait to share this one:

The very talented Frédéric Chabot has sold two of his beautiful photographs to a lovely French restaurant (Les Héritiers - 1915 Mont-Royal Est Montréal) - they are each five feet tall and look fantastic.

Oh and one of them is me. Just slightly larger than life..

Firstly, this is the original diptych they chose:

And these are they in situ:

(And no it wasn't me who took the pictures. I was at home eating my own bodyweight in homebaked cheesecake).


Lin said...

Fantastic! Magnifique! That makes me really happy. Give the artist a big hug from us!

karine leger said...

wow !!!! c'est magnifique ! we should go see it "in person" today !

karine leger said...
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